As Cinderella gets a live-action remake for the modern age, it seems only fitting that the modern age in return starts to mess around with peoples' childhoods.  Here's a look at the funniest but also most disturbing Disney memes from the internet: don't say we didn't warn you.

Top 10 Will Ferrell gifs

25 March 2015, 8:48pm

Matthew Looker posted by Matthew Looker

Will Ferrell is back on cinema screens this week in brand new comedy Get Hard, which, alongside childish man-elf, obnoxious 70s news anchor and villainous fashionista among many, many others, adds "ignorant millionaire preparing for prison" to his roster of hilarious characters.

Fast & Furious 7 screeches into cinemas this week treating us to whole new petrolhead adventure filled with squealing tyres, accelerator pushes and adrenaline-fueled, musclebound shots of the gear being changed in a manly way. It might just be steering a big shiny vehicle up and down a road, but let’s face it, the FF crew do it so much cooler than you or I.

Did you really think we weren’t going to mark the 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman? Big mistake. Big. Huge.

Best Hunger Games parodies

19 March 2015, 7:40am

Matthew Looker posted by Matthew Looker

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 saw the biggest box office opening of 2014 and to date it has earned £504 million. It has also been deemed by many critics to be the best film of the series so far. So as the film becomes available to watch on Virgin Movies, let's take a look all the best mickey-takes of the Hunger Games saga. That's right, we're mocking the Mockingjay.

Jason Statham's kick-assiest gifs

18 March 2015, 8:18pm

Matthew Looker posted by Matthew Looker

Jason Statham's latest bout of punch-kicking action is released in cinemas this week in the guise of Wild Card. In it, Statham plays a Vegas bodyguard who lands himself in trouble with the mob. Luckily, this being Jason Statham, he can always try to roundhouse kick things right again.

Sony have released a new teaser poster for the 24th 007 film SPECTRE, silencing months of speculation as to what James Bond's new look is going to be.  This winter season it's all about Apple watches, sensible tweed slacks and tight roll-neck jumpers, together with a steely determination to deliver a box of Milk Tray.

Quiz: Are you The Chosen One?

17 March 2015, 11:19pm

Matthew Looker posted by Matthew Looker

This week sees the release of Insurgent, the latest instalment of the not-so-novel young adult novel franchise The Divergent Series, and in it, rebel hero Tris discovers she is the most divergent out of all the divergents in Divergent. In effect, she is, like Neo, Anakin Skywalker and Paul Blart before her, The Chosen One.

Why Shailene Woodley is one of a kind

17 March 2015, 4:26pm

Anna Smith posted by Anna Smith

Shailene Woodley doesn’t shake hands. The first time I was introduced to the actress at an event, she startled me by giving me a big, open-armed hug. The second time I met her was for an interview last week, for her new film The Divergent Series: Insurgent. I figured the hugging would have gone out of the window by now, so I put out my hand to shake hers. She suggested a fist bump. I suspected a germaphobe, but apparently it’s about keeping it real. “I started hugging people because I was tired of fake interactions,” she told New York Magazine. “You have only 30 seconds with a new person. I will give you a hug so you know I’m real, and then you’re real too.” The choice to substitute it with a fist bump seems practical, as well as many other things Woodley: youthful, casual, individual and non-conformist.

A 6ft 2in, near cubically stacked comic book movie star who counts Sandra Bullock as his bestie, Scarlett Johansson as his ex-wife and Blake Lively as his current spouse… it’s hard to deny that - on paper, at least - Ryan Reynolds has had what you’d politely call a blessed life (and more casually call an existence 99% of the world would eat their own heads to experience).

At least, that is until you look a little closer at the facts and critical response to his career highs and surprisingly consistent lows.