Virgin Movies: Best of June 2015

30 June 2015, 11:11am

Virgin Movies posted by Virgin Movies

We're currently in the middle of a heatwave, so why not cool down with the help of the freshest titles available now on Virgin Movies? Click through to watch them online or select 'On Demand' then 'Movies' on your Virgin Media TV.

Anna Smith hit Scotland’s festival city to pick her favourites from EIFF 2015


Beyond The Lights is probably one of the best films of the year that you've never even heard of. Here's five very good reasons to watch it now...

I first saw Back To The Future as a teenager, on TV in my bedroom on Christmas Day. Since then I’ve seen it in cinemas, in fields, in Secret Cinema’s recreation of Hilly Valley and projected onto the on the wall of my roof garden. But I’ve never seen it with the score performed live. When I sit down in the dress circle at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre, the place is packed with fellow fans and there’s a sense of excitement in the air. An ingenious addition to this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival (where it first premiered 30 years ago), it’s attracted a crowd of genuine fans of the 1985 sci-fi adventure: I spot one guy sporting a holo-cap as seen in BTTF2, and several branded tops. One bloke is wearing a Goonies t-shirt - well, hey, it’s in the spirit of the era. As Marty McFly. Michael J Fox’s time travelling antics helped defined an decade dominated by world-class family adventures - and judging by the audience, its magic has stayed with them well into adulthood. 

Since their scene-stealing debut in 2010’s sci-fi slapstick comedy Despicable Me, the Minions have gone onto spawn mountains of cuddly toys, comics, short film spin-offs, video games, books, breakfast meals, amusement rides at Universal Studios Florida/Hollywood (replete with post-show dance party) and now - as of this week - their very own movie.

Oh, and gifs. Thousands and thousands of gifs.

Review: She's Funny That Way

25 June 2015, 10:22am

Matthew Turner posted by Matthew Turner

Returning to the director's chair after a 13 year absence, Peter Bogdanovich has assembled an appealing cast for this old-fashioned screwball comedy that evokes the likes of Ernst Lubitsch and on-form Woody Allen. To be fair, it doesn't quite fire on all cylinders, but the likeable cast, witty lines and pacey direction ensure a steady stream of smiles, even if it falls short of delivering out-and-out belly laughs.


When first-time US director Justin Simien used his tax return to make a trailer for a theoretical film, little did he know how much support it would generate. Dear White People doesn’t just address our own perceptions of race, but also of the journeys and treatment of independent cinema. Here’s five very good reasons to watch...

Take a look at these exclusive stills from new comedy The Overnight, which hits cinemas this Friday 26th June.


Ever since the dawn of time, the Minions have lived to serve the most despicable of masters, but now they're in search of fame, fortune and BANANA! in their very own movie in cinemas this week.  We sat down with the loveable Bob to find out about life on the road, teddy bears and which supervillain doesn't enjoy hugs.

“Houston, we have a problem.” It’s we’ve these iconic words that Tom Hanks helped Apollo 13 to cement its place in cinema history. The film - which is based on the true-life story of the ill-fated NASA lunar mission - is 20 years old this month; but whilst the movie might have faded in many people’s memories its tagline most certainly hasn’t.

Of course it’s not the first iconic sentence to be uttered at the multiplex. So in celebration of Apollo 13’s anniversary we thought we’d run down 10 of the most iconic lines in movie history.