10 things you didn’t know about Shaun Of The Dead

You've got red on you: Shaun Of The Dead celebrates 10 years
You've got red on you: Shaun Of The Dead celebrates 10 years

Get ready to put on some slippers, unwrap a toffee sweet and talk at great length with supermarket checkout employees: you are officially old. That's right, Shaun Of The Dead – the hilarious zom-rom-com from Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost that perfectly captured the attention of your movie-loving youth – celebrates its 10th anniversary this week.

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This means it's been 10 years since you first saw vinyl records as a viable weapon. It's been 10 years since you first saw a zombie bashed in the head in time with Don't Stop Me Now. It's been 10 years since you first wondered whether a dog could look up.
To commiserate (but also, really, to celebrate) this cruel, swift passing of time, here are 10 things you didn't know about the film.
1. The idea for the film came from a zombie-like sequence in an episode of Spaced, the sitcom created by Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes (who appears as Yvonne in the film). The episode began with Pegg's character Tim shooting zombies around his flat, only for it to be revealed as part of his videogame. Pegg and Edgar Wright enjoyed filming the sequence so much they wanted to make a whole movie of the same.
2. Deleted scenes in the film mention that Shaun used to be a DJ. You can even see some posters around their flat that promote shows he has DJ-ed at.


The first zombie that Shaun and Ed meet is Mary, who appears in the opening sequence as a supermarket checkout employee. Side note: she can also be seen at the very start of The World's End, sitting next to Pegg's character Gary in his support group meeting.
4. Talking of Mary, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright wrote a prequel comic book called There's Something About Mary that tells the story of how she ended up in Shaun and Ed's garden.
5. In an amazing piece of foreshadowing towards the start of the film, Ed and Shaun talk about their plans for a day's worth of drinking and they all end up coming true in slightly different ways. They plan on having a bloody Mary in the morning (Mary the garden zombie attacks them)  then a bite at the King's Head (Shaun's stepfather is bitten by a zombie), then get a couple at the Little Princess (they meet David and Diana at Liz's flat), "stagger back" to the Winchester (they pretend to be zombies on the way back) and "back to the bar for shots" (they fend off the zombie invasion with a shotgun).
6. You can clearly see Coldplay's Chris Martin at the end of the film as he promotes ZombAid, but he also makes a more inconspicuous appearance earlier on in the film as one of the zombies staggering across the street.
7. Pegg claims that he still owns the prop of David's severed head, which he keeps in his study, in a bucket of popcorn, with dollar bills hanging out of his mouth.


When Shaun is hit in the head with a dart, the filmmakers actually consulted a brain surgeon (the father of producer Nira Park) to find out which part of the head could get hit by a dart with no lasting damage.
9. At the start of the film. Shaun and Ed's housemate Pete shouts at Ed, telling him that if he "wants to live like an animal, he can live in a shed". Which, of course, he ends up doing.
10. Shaun Of The Dead very nearly wasn't the end of the story for Shaun and Ed. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright contemplated following it up with a sequel in which the characters swapped out zombies and fought a different kind of monster, but they ditched it in favour of making Hot Fuzz instead. Not only that, but there was also a recent plan to turn the film into a TV show, but Wright and Pegg nixed the idea, saying that "it should be left alone".

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Feel old knowing that Shaun Of The Dead is 10 years old? What’s your favourite moment in the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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