Bad posters will be prosecuted

George Clooney in The Descendants
George Clooney in The Descendants


Movie posters are very important. Whether they be on a bus stop, on the train, in a newspaper, on the back of a toilet door, they are often the first glimpse we get of a new film and the first chance to persuade you that this is the sort of film you would pay your hard-earned cash to see.

For this reason, the art of making film posters is a very precise one, and is one that has been honed over decades of testing, tinkering and tampering with famous faces, great pictures and BIG LETTERS and, more so than TV even, is the main reason that you will go and see a film.

Needless to say, with so many films out each year it is pretty much impossible to avoid certain Movie Poster clichés, but it still makes me sad when I see a bad poster for a great film. I am obviously talking about the poster for George Clooney's new movie The Descendants (see above).

OK, it is not bad like Bangkok Dangerous is bad, and I am sure you think I am being needlessly picky (damn right!) but for an Oscar-baiting kind of film I expect better than this weird blue split of perplexing perspectives.

Yes, it is George Clooney, yes, it is a beach in Hawaii, yes, it is George Clooney on a beach in Hawaii, but it looks like someone glued the ONLY picture they had of George Clooney onto the ONLY picture they had of Hawaii and hoped it would do the job.

Sadly, it doesn't.

Mr Cage, we will see you now, please.

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