Toy Story 4 confirmed?

New toys: Will Woody and Buzz return?
New toys: Will Woody and Buzz return?

The internet is awash with speculation that Toy Story 4 has been officially confirmed. Though there is no word from Disney or Pixar on the existence of a fourth Toy Story movie, sources from Colombian entertainment news - of all places - suggest that Pixar are prepping Toy Story 4 for release in 2015.

The website, Terra, claims that Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack have all made deals to return for Toy Story 4, and that a release in 2015 has been planned. That'd mean 2015 could potentially be the biggest year in Disney's history, with The Avengers 2 and Star Wars: Episode VII also planned for release.

Tom Hanks himself claimed he assumed Pixar were working on a fourth Toy Story movie as far back as 2011, but Pixar have always stated that they were not working on further adventures for Woody and Buzz. However, they also said they wouldn't make a sequel to the first Toy Story, but when Disney attempted to make a straight-to-DVD sequel, the animators couldn't stand to hand over their baby. You get the impression Disney would pump out Toy Story sequels to infinity and beyond if Pixar let them.

Take this news with a pinch of salt for now: Colombian entertainment media is hardly the most reliable breaking news source in the industry. However, we reckon Toy Story 4 is as inevitable as growing old itself. Disney are holding a 'Content Showcase' to industry friends on Thursday next week, and we'll be first to let you know if anyone mentions Toy Story 4.

Would you go and see Toy Story 4 or was Toy Story 3 a perfect ending to the trilogy? Let us know in the comments.

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