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Virgin Movies: Best of June 2015

30 June 2015, 11:11am

We're currently in the middle of a heatwave, so why not cool down with the help of the freshest titles available now on Virgin Movies? Click through to watch them online or select 'On Demand' then 'Movies' on your Virgin Media TV.

Take a look at these exclusive stills from new comedy The Overnight, which hits cinemas this Friday 26th June.


Ever since the dawn of time, the Minions have lived to serve the most despicable of masters, but now they're in search of fame, fortune and BANANA! in their very own movie in cinemas this week.  We sat down with the loveable Bob to find out about life on the road, teddy bears and which supervillain doesn't enjoy hugs.

The boys are back in town - Vince and his Entourage return as the small screen hit finally makes the jump to cinemas.  And in keeping with the orginal show, the new movie is fill to bursting with celebrity appearances.  In case you like keeping count, here are four familiar faces to keep an eye out for:

Certain literary characters just seem to be timeless in their appeal, and get updated more times than a manager for a failing Premiership team. James Bond, Dracula, Tarzan and of course Sherlock Holmes (portrayed over 250 times and counting) have had regular outings since those film and TV screens first flickered into life. With the release of Mr Holmes, Sir Ian McKellen is adding a new dimension to the fans’ favourite. We see Sherlock in his advancing years, but like Sir Ian himself, there’s a sparkle in his eye and a refusal to grow old and simply retire. It’s time to don the deerstalker and deduct a few facts about one of our finest talents and treasures.

Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93

11 June 2015, 1:43pm

Hollywood has sadly lost another titan as news comes in that screen legend Sir Christopher Lee, famous for his roles in the Hammer Horror films and franchises such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, has died aged 93.  The respected actor had been hospitalised after suffering heart and respiratory problems, and passed away on Sunday morning.

This week sees the long-awaited release of Jurassic World, the third sequel to Steven Spielberg's 1993 blockbuster par excellent Jurassic Park, but crucically, the first sequel that truly feels like a continuation of the story and themes of the original. With Spielberg present as executive producer and filmmaker Colin Trevorrow insistent the movie pays homage to its predecessors, the watch-word is 'respect': Jurassic World is a carefully considered follow-up that was over 10 years in the making. All of which makes this utterly bonkers scrapped version of Jurassic Park, pitched in 2007, all the more spectacular in its wrongheadedness.

True fact: before Whiplash was an Oscar-winning movie (including best suppporting actor for J.K. Simmons), it was also an award-winning 18 minute short which won the Sundance jury award in 2013.  The orginal, which also starred Simmons as shouty music instructor Fletcher, also had the famous "Are you rushing, or are you dragging?" scene which at first look hasn't changed much for the longer version.  Both clips are below - can you spot the subtle differences between the two?  Answers underneath!

Marvel have revealed the new poster for the summer release of Ant-Man, showing the teeny, tiny hero dodging some equally teeny, tiny bullets.