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The 6 most outrageous jokes in film

24 November 2015, 10:38am

Throughout the history of cinema there have been films that have inspired us, moved us, made us cry…and then there are films that are remembered for making you laugh at things you probably shouldn’t.  To celebrate the arrival of Ted 2 on Virgin Movies this week, we take a look at the most outrageous movie scenes that will make you do biggest of inappropriate LOLs.


Virgin Movies: Best of October 2015

30 October 2015, 11:13am

October was a bumper to bumper month of brilliant movies! Cick through to watch online or select 'On Demand' then 'Movies' on your Virgin Media TV.

It's strange to think at one point in his career, Vin Diesel walked away from the Fast & Furious franchise to try and find himself. What he found, after a string of flops, was that he was really good at making Fast & Furious movies. Now defined by the role of Dominic Torretto: Human Tank, Diesel seems powered by pure gasoline, which means when one of his non-Fast & Furious movies arrives, like this week's grisly sci-fi action fantasy The Last Witch Hunter, we can't help but compare it to the rest of his high-octane oeuvre. We're only human. Unlike Vin Diesel.

There are many exemplary sequels in the annals of cinematic history. One cannot ignore how Francis Ford Coppola improved on perfection with The Godfather: Part II. Manon Des Sources, Claude Berri's follow-up to Jean de Florette, is quietly beautiful yet heartbreakingly tragic. And then, of course, there is Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. But among the many number twos we have enjoyed in our lifetime – and we really do enjoy a good, solid number two – there is only one that earns the right to call itself the 'best sequel ever'. It all started with a teenager, his elderly and possibly deranged best friend, a mobile nuclear device and an incest sub-plot – and it only proceeded to get more complicated from thereon in.

Magical adventure Pan swoops into cinemas this week, taking us back to a time before Hook was a dreaded Captain, before Peter learnt how to fly and where friends and foes were not so easily defined.  To celebrate this awfully big adventure, we dug out some fascinating facts about Joe Wright’s new film.

Life is good when you’re James Bond. At least, it seems to be for Daniel Craig. When we him for a chat at the Corinthia Hotel in London at the end of two years of shooting for the latest 007 film, Spectre, the 47-year old is in a good mood, with a mercurial smile, a firm handshake and a spring in his step. But, as Craig admits, even the inspirational effects of being James bond have their limits. 

Exclusive interview with Judy Greer

7 October 2015, 12:20pm

Judy Greer is a professional scene-stealer.  She's been in everything from Jurassic World to Arrested Development,  and starred alongside the likes of George Clooney in Tomorrowland and the Entourage dudes, and is always quietly the best thing in any scene she pops up in.  If you're still wondering where you know her from, you're not alone as last year she released a book titled "I Don't Know Where You Know Me From".  Talented and hialrious in equal measure, Greer now rightly takes centre stage in black comedy Addicted To Fresno, as a sex-addicted hotel maid who can't qute get it together.  We spoke to her about what attracted her to the role, her comedy idols and what goes on behind the scenes in hotels...

Virgin Movies: Best of Septmber 2015

5 October 2015, 2:39pm

The nights are drawing in, but we've got plenty of mega movies to brighten up your life! Take a look at the best new movies available now and click through to watch them online or select 'On Demand' then 'Movies' on your Virgin Media TV.

Review: The Martian

29 September 2015, 9:57pm

After his last sci-fi adventure Prometheus got lost in space and tied up with mythology and trite symbolism, it's refreshing that Ridley Scott's latest slab of shiny science fiction can be summarised with just three syllables, proudly slapped on star Matt Damon's face on the poster: "BRING HIM HOME". Faithfully adapted from the sophomore book from author Andy Weir, The Martian benefits from this singular focus: though it's far from a single-hander, it is the perfect showcase for Damon to prove his immense range with all the usual trappings removed.

You've made a movie. It's time to name your movie. Your movie stars a man as a character that has a name. Is it quitting time yet? Sometimes naming a movie is as simple as slapping a dude's name on the poster and ordering the Appletinis in advance. With the release of John Wick on Virgin Movies this week, we thought it high time we ranked movies named after men in order of badassness, because what else? Grrr. MEN.